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Top 8 Pokemon gifts for 7 year olds

The Pokemon franchise and especially the Trading Card Game is a great hobby for all ages, and can help your children socialise through trading cards and playing the game with friends. That’s why Pokemon products make great gifts for kids.

However, there are certain Pokemon products that are more suited to particular ages groups.

For example, Pokemon Go involves walking around the streets, parks and other areas in search of Pokemon. This may not always be a great gift for younger kids.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your 7 year old and worried about getting the wrong gift, this blog is perfect for you. Below, I’ll list the top 8 Pokemon gifts for 7 year olds and the reason why!

My top 10 list

  1. Pokemon Cards
  2. Premium Trainer Box
  3. Pokemon T-shirts
  4. Video Games
  5. Pokemon Plushies
  6. Pokemon Collection Tins
  7. Pokemon Books
  8. Funko Pops

1. Pokemon Cards

Assorted Pokemon products

Pokemon cards are one of the most popular Pokemon products you can purchase. The cards are very collectable and are suitable for kids aged 6 and above. Pokemon cards can be found most commonly inside what’s called a booster pack.

Booster packs generally contain 11 trading cards and are the core product for The Pokemon trading card game. Your kids will have the opportunity to obtain their favourite Pokemon cards by opening up booster packs.

The best Pokemon booster packs for 7 year olds currently would be the ‘Celebrations’ set. In the Celebrations set every card is holographic so the excitement never stops. Celebrations booster packs are very affordable to buy and make great gifts for 7 year olds.

2.Pokemon Elite Trainer Box

Celebrations Elite Trainer Box

Pokemon Elite Trainer boxes are the perfect gift. These boxes are super fun to open and come complete with booster packs, dice, damage counters, sleeves, rule book and a detailed booklet of all the cards from the set.

I would personally recommend the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box as every card in the set is holographic and you can pull the iconic Charizard.

Most importantly these boxes contain everything you need to start learning about the game whilst also giving them the enjoyment of opening some booster packs.

3. Pokemon T-Shirts

Kids don’t just like to play Pokemon! In fact, when I grew up I loved wearing Pokemon clothing. One of the coolest ways for 7 year olds to show off their love for Pokemon is with a Pokemon T-shirt.

Pokemon T-shirts are great and can be worn time after time and because they’re made for kids, they last.

You can buy all sorts of Pokemon T-shirts online but I would recommend this Pikachu T-shirt as they are very popular amongst young boys. The shirt is also official Pokemon merchandise, which means you aren’t buying a low quality knock off.

For the girls, there are also plenty of options. I personally like this short sleeve Pikachu shirt that like above, is official merchandise. With that said, both shirts mentioned are unisex!

4. Video Games

Pokemon Sword and Shield

These days, kids are moving more towards Pokemon Video games to play with friends as opposed to trading cards – it’s no secret the digital world is taking over.

Playing the video games was such a great experience for me in my younger years. The games were basic in one way and strategic in another way. It didn’t matter how old or young you were, the games had a level of fun for everyone.

The games have a come a long way and are very interactive. I would recommend Pokemon Sword and Shield as a great video game gift for 7 year olds.

Like most traditional Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield is a role playing game where you play as a Pokemon Trainer. The Pokemon trainer will go out into the Poke-verse to catch and train Pokemon for battles.

You can buy Pokemon games for a variety of different gaming consoles but by far the most popular would be the Nintendo Switch. These consoles also come Pokemon themed, although can be hard to find as they are very collectable. Unfortunately Pokemon Sword and Shield is not available on the latest Playstation or X-box consoles.

If your are thinking of buying Pokemon Sword and Shield for your child, there is also a very helpful book called ‘The Official Pokemon Galar Region Pokedex‘. This book has the information you need about all the Galar Region Pokemon found inside the game.

5. Pokemon Plushies (stuffed toy)

Plushies are basically stuffed toys of Pokemon characters, that come in all different sizes and varieties. They can be small enough to fit in your hand or as big as a fridge…

Kids love Pokemon plushies as they make great toys, companions and even decorations. Your child will love their favourite Pokemon as a plushie, I actually still have my Charizard plushie from when I was 7 years old.

There are so many different Pokemon plushies available to buy, but I would recommend these awesome 12inch Charizard Plushies that are super popular among young kids. They are an official Pokemon product that are made of durable, quality materials and are very affordable.

6. Pokemon Collection Tins

Pokemon Collectors Chest

Pokemon collection tins are a very colourful, collectable tin that contains loads of Pokemon products. These collection tins contain Pokemon themed pencils, stickers, a note pad, small puzzle, promo cards and some Pokemon trading card game booster packs.

Being super affordable and multi purposed, Pokemon collection tins are a brilliant gift for your 7 year old. They generally feature some of the most popular Pokemon, such as Pikachu, Charizard and Rayquaza.

The best collection tins to buy for your child will be the latest release as they are affordable. Some of the older collection tins are quite expensive due to their collectable value and are probably not a good option for child. With that being said the 2022 Pokemon collectors tin would be a great gift for a year old

7. Pokemon Books

Pokemon Books

Pokemon books are a great gift idea for 7 year olds. Not only are they very affordable (most cost around $10) but they’re also very popular.

There are several different Pokemon books ranging from stories to informational books. One of the best selling among kids is the ‘Essential Pokemon Handbook‘, which includes 875 Pokemon characters. It is the perfect gift for kids because remembering all their favourite Pokemon characters can be difficult.

Children also love the ‘Where’s Pikachu‘ books that are the exact same as the classic ‘Where’s Wolly‘. This specific book costs less than $10 and has over 2,800 5 star Amazon reviews!

Other books kids love are the ‘Classic Chapter Book‘ that come in chapter collections such as this one. They are illustrated books based on the original Pokemon characters, which are well known and the most popular.

8. Funko Pops

Pokemon Funko Pops

Funko Pops are small figurines that come in all of your childs favourite Pokemon. Most importantly they are very affordable and collectable, making them a great gift for 7 year olds.

There is thousands of different Funko pops available to buy so to make it easier for you I will talk about two of the most popular on the market today..

Firstly the ‘Pikachu Funk Pop‘ is by far the most popular and collectable. Pikachu is the most well known Pokemon in the world, so it’s no surprise the Pikachu Funko pop is the best seller. Keep an eye out for diamond/glitter edition Funk Pops.

Also for something a little different but also very popular the ‘Mewtwo Funko Pop‘ is an awesome choice for a gift. Mewtwo is a very unique Pokemon as it was created in a lab unlike other Pokemon and is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the games. With over 5000 5 star Amazon reviews this Funko Pop makes a great gift for 7 year olds.


The above is my personal list of the best Pokemon gifts for 7 year olds. Thats why I’ve listed a great variety of products for you to choose from..

Pokemon is a fantastic hobby and has changed he lives of millions of kids around the world. Make your next gift a Pokemon gift!

If you have any extra ideas of some great Pokemon products please let us know

Thank you, The Pokemon Guide

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