Starting in late 1999 as a child down at our local Big W, mum would cart all of us kids down to the shops after school and we would beg her to buy us some Pokémon packs. One day she finally caved in and purchased 3 packs of Base Set Unlimited for us boys. Myself and my two brothers ripped into those packs as soon as we left the checkout. Our eldest brother pulled a holographic Venusaur, my second oldest brother pulled a non holographic lass and I pulled a non holo Electabuzz. The following week I pulled a Holographic Alakazam and from that moment onwards we were hooked and I have continued my love for pokemon until this day…..


Pokemon is the highest grossing media franchise in the world. You could travel anywhere in the world and you will see Pokémon cards, toys, merchandise, movies and games. You could ask just about anyone anywhere in the world if they know what a Pikachu or a Charizard is and the chances are they’ll know exactly what they are and what game they are from. Pokemon is here to stay for the foreseeable future and its fan base grows every year. Whether you’re a grandparent buying packs for your grandkids, a die-hard collector like myself or you are young and just enjoy opening packs trading with your frineds at school, Pokémon has something to offer everyone. Very few moments in life compare to the excitement of pulling your favourite chase card…


Fast forward to 2016 with the newly released Pokemon GO game. With the new excitement around the games and the TCG ( Trading Card Game ) this jump started my collection goals from the previous 16 years. Whenever I had time spare I would endlessly scroll ebay and facebook groups looking for new cards and booster packs to add to my collection from my younger years. Due to the fact there is so many pokemon sets and not as much information on the web regarding heavy packs, light packs, error cards, release dates etc. Rather than spend hours on google and reading forums looking for the information I decided to create thepokemonguide.com a one stop shop for all things pokemon, all the information you need in the one place.


As mentioned above pokemon is here to stay and the future is limitless. Our focus is to provide a user friendly information service for the Pokémon community, whilst having fun and connecting with fellow collectors. Providing you with up to date topics, great advice and a wide variety of products at our shop.

We thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you. Please check out our partners so we can keep providing you the best pokemon information out there.


Thepokemonguide team