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How to keep your Pokemon booster packs safe

A Pokemon booster pack is where 99% of the trading cards come from, with a small exception for promotional cards. When it comes to collecting and trading your favourite cards, their condition will greatly affect the value of the cards.

It is no secret that a card in great condition will be more sought after than a damaged card. The best way to maximise your chances of obtaining perfect cards is to start by protecting your booster packs.

Protecting your booster packs will become exponentially more important the older and rarer they become.

Why is it important to keep Pokemon booster packs safe?

Sleeved Booster pack

Keeping your Pokemon collection safe throughout time is important. Preserving the condition of your packs can will increase their value. In some instances you could cost yourself thousands of dollars if you allow your packs to be damaged or creased.

On top of that you want to protect the cards inside your pack also. It is quite common for older packs to contain cards with damaged corners due to the way they have been handled over the years.

The difference between scoring a 9 grade over a 10 grade on your hit card is substantially different. Below I will tell you the best way to safely store your Pokemon booster packs.

How to safely store your Pokemon booster packs

Booster Pack and Pack of Sleeves

From my experience over the years I have trialled so many products and now I have found a cost effective and efficient way to store my packs. Below is a simple step by step process I use for all of my booster packs no matter their value.

1. Insert your booster pack into a perfect booster fit sleeve

2. Place a semi rigid into the perfect fit PSA card sleeve

3. Insert your sleeved booster into the perfect fit PSA card sleeve

* Do not insert the pack into the semi rigid sleeve

It is really that simple and easy. Now your packs have some rigid support and are protected against falls and scratches.

How to store your Pokemon packs long term

Booster Pack Storage Box

After following the steps above you need to think about the right places to store or display your packs. Depending on your climate you may need to keep them in a cool dry place. If too much moisture or humidity comes into contact with your packs they can start to warp of potentially go mouldy.

I use plastic sorting containers from Bunnings which are shown in the picture, if they aren’t avalable you may be able to find some from Costco or Walmart. These containers are perfect for long term storage.

If your climate is relatively humid I recommend storing with some moisture absorbing bags. These can be found in new shoe boxes or are available to purchase on

Just place your booster packs sideways into the storing box and shut the lid. Now your packs are ready for long term storage and next time you bring them out for display or to open they will be in perfect condition.

Alternative options

Another option is to purchase hard acrylic cases for your Pokemon booster packs. This would be the best way to store your packs although they are relatively expensive compared to the above method that I use.

I would recommend using hard acrylic cases for expensive and/or your most important packs. Acrylic cases can be anywhere from $10-$20 each so the pirce can easily add up if you have lots of booster packs.

Another great option is to hvae your booster packs professionally graded to permanently lock in their condition forever. This is also very costly and the cost shoulkd be taken into consideration before taking this path.

Before you go…

The value and grade of your booster packs isn’t the only thing that matters when collecting. Most people enjoy the hobby for what it is… having fun, meeting new people and trading cards with one another.

It’s an added bonus to know your booster packs are in pristine condition. Maximising their potential resale value if you do decide to sell some of them.

We welcome feedback on our blogs and would love to hear your opinion, you can contact us anytime.

Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope you have learnt something new.

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